If your personality is struggling due to sever hair loss or baldness you might have considered undergoing a hair transplantation treatment. Although hair transplantation treatments are now very popular and highly successful there are many false notions and common myths about hair transplantation. These popular myths about hair transplantation cause confusion and doubt among men and women struggling with hair loss and baldness from opting for it. In this post, we will bust some of the most common hair transplantation myths to help you know the facts about hair transplantation and not the myths. 1. Older People Cannot Have Hair Transplants The most popular hair transplantation myth is that elderlies can’t get it done. This is a sheer false statement without any researched base. Age in fact, has no link with hair transplant procedures. However patients below 21 might wait for their initial balding to get the treatment done. There are always better chances of a successful hair transplant if you wait until you’re slightly older. 2. Hair transplants are only for men This is also one of the most popular hair transplant myth which has led many women to jump to conclusions such as their baldness cannot be treated. However, the affirmative reality is that the hair transplant procedure can treat patient o both genders. There are certain procedural differences, as women tend to lose their hair in a different pattern than men and donor areas also vary. 3. Immediate Results Hair transplant results are not visible overnight. Just like our normal hair growth the results of the treatment are gradually seen. Some hair may also fall out during post procedure; we call this “sleeping phase” or “shock phase.” However, the well-anchored roots will gradually begin to grow hair. Eventually the newly grown hair will blend in perfectly and provide natural-looking results. 4. Hair Transplants Look like Fake hair With advancement in technology and precise Treatments that are extremely sophisticated, the results are incredible and blend in naturally. There are only few signs of a transplant that may be clear that too only immediately after a procedure. As regrowth properly begins, the transplant will be virtually indistinguishable and will look very much natural. The modern FUE hair transplants are absolutely scar less and also grafts are taken from the patient’s own head so mimicking the natural hair comes out best. Thus nowadays the hair transplantation ensures the transplanted hair completely matches your natural hair. 5. You Can’t Wash Your Hair after Treatment Shampooing and washing that treated scalp DOES NOT affect the growth of new hair. However in some cases doctors recommend medicated shampoos and may give you duration until you can wash them. However in most cases shampooing can be done the very next day after your procedure. Contrary to this popular myth, cleaning the treated area as directed by the doctor is always better. 6. Procedure follows Medications to Assist Hair Growth This is also most common myth associated with hair transplantation. Transplanted hair is permanent, and its maintenance does not include medications. However, in sensitive cases where you have used such medications in the past, you might want to continue them. But again, hair transplants do not need anything to help them initially grow or continue to grow. 7. Body Hair or Someone Else’s Hair Are Used for Hair Transplants Both these assumptions are wrong. When you go for a hair transplant, your body will automatically reject foreign donor hair follicles. Body hair may be used to help augment scalp hair but this is not routine and it is performed only in extremely rare circumstance. However we at DR. Raj hair transplant do not recommend this technique as body hair does not match head hair, the growth rate of body hair transplants is less than 50%, and they cause more cyst and scars. 8. Hair Transplantations are expensive There are certain variables that affect the cost of a hair transplant, such as the number of grafts needed, scalp type, procedure to be followed etc. At DR. Raj hair transplantation our prices are comparatively lower than those found in the city. Here you can find the most affordable and reliable hair transplant treatments.